Tailboom Structures

Bell 206A/B Tailboom Fixture

Bell 206A/B Tailboom Fixture

AAE has a Bell 206A/B tailboom fixture to facilitate tailboom repairs and rebuilds. This capability includes replacing and repairing the tail rotor gearbox fittings for the 206 series aircraft.

Bell 206 Tail Rotor Gearbox Fitting Repairs

Exchange Booms

AAE holds in stock a Bell 206 tailboom for exchange P/N 206-031-004-115B. This boom has new skins, hangars and stabilizer bulkheads. It is primed and ready to ship.

Also in stock is a serviceable Bell 407 tailboom P/N 407-530-014-103 with approximately 300 hours to run.

AAE is tooled and capable of carrying out repairs and replacements on the Bell medium series tailbooms including:

Upgrades - BLR FastFin & Strake

Longeron Replacement


Fin Spar Repairs

Bulkhead Replacements

The capabilities include composite panel repairs, elevator refurbishment, driveshaft alignment and boom to airframe shimming.

Bell Medium Tailboom